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About Us - Company Profile

PREMIER: First in the design and Manufacture of Sheet Metal Enclosures and Chassis, Standard or Customized to Specifications.


Premier is committed to expanding its leadership in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of enclosures and chassis, providing a standard product line with the ability to modify the standard line of product and to design, engineer and manufacture custom enclosures with the responsiveness, service, quality and technical expertise surpassing the current business environment.


The commitment to service is paramount in the continued success demonstrated at Premier. Premier's responsiveness to solving customer issues, such as quotations, order status, product support, and technical information efficiently and courteously characterizes the mission emphasized by the staff at Premier.


Quality is the focus which underscores all business today. Terms such as world class manufacturing, just in time,  and 100% defect free reflect the changing business conditions of which Premier has directed its efforts. Premier has paced itself to meet the growth and demands of the future. 

Dedication to the continued investment in facilities, equipment, and personnel produces a responsible business climate for all to thrive.

The management team and its employees are dedicated to providing product that meets the requirments of military standard MIL-I-45208A and MIL-STD-45662A.


Over 40 years of experience and emphasis on innovation continues to form the core of Premier's business philosophy. Premier's promise of Innovation Thru Engineering, provides customer with the best engineering support available, both in the field and the factory.

The Premier engineering department provides design packages from conceptual sketches to finished documented drawings for aerospace, telecommunications, O.E.M.'s, military contractors, bio-medical firms, security/video organizations, just to name a few.


Premier's state of the art CAD/CAM software, allows 3D/2D drawings  to be transferred directly into CNC programs, maintaining dimensions and tolerance to specifications. Continuous growth and improvements of manufacturing processes facilitated by aggressive planning enhances productivity and continuity of manufacturing.



Premier engineers EMI shielded enclosures to protect against electromagnetic interference for commercial, military and high-security applications.


Premier builds modified and custom National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) enclosures to meet unique environmental requirements.


Premier designs seismic enclosures to meet shock and vibration requirements. We have the expertise and knowledge to meet special requirements , such as those that stipulate zone 4 or under Belcore specifications. 

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