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Spectacular Results With Premiere Enclosure Systems' Cabinets

With new businesses, having premiere cabinets is a necessity. Renting out space in a building or warehouse does not guarantee sturdy, reliable equipment to store your business merchandise and stock. Premiere Enclosures Systems specializes in cabinets. Not only is this their specialty but they also have packaged deals that give business owners the look and support they need to run their business knowing that their stock will be safe in these enclosures.

Premiere Enclosure Systems works directly with you for your cabinetry orders. Some owners are satisfied with our cabinets in stock and we ship directly to your office. Other owners have a vision for their company and we are happy to oblige creating custom cabinets for these visionaries. Sometimes the standard rack just doesn't satisfy your requirements. Our highly skilled designers and engineers work to modify our cabinets to fit your needs using the latest materials and innovations in the field.

To give you an idea, our standard racks have 70 inches of usable height and the standard shelves hold approximately 100 lbs. We also offer a heavy duty version of our shelves that carry more weight, up to 200lbs. You can expect a standard order of cabinets to take approximately two to three weeks to ship with custom made orders taking a bit longer. Our customer service agents can also help you in case anything gets scratched or damaged along the way.

We are here to satisfy our customers with their cabinet orders and strive to do our best to meet your particular needs. Find out more about our inventory on our website (http://www.premierenclosuresystems.com ). If you have any specific questions related to our products, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone, mail or online via our online contact form.

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