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Our Capabilities


Premier Enclosures has created a new image with a building located in Ontario, California, a new website with new products. Everything is done in-house by our experienced craftsman and engineers including design, fabrication, paint/powder coat all completed in our 35,000 square foot facility. We can proudly say we have been doing business with some of our customers for 50 years. We look forward to working with you on your next project.


  1. One Ganesh VMC-4020 CNC Machining Center
  2. One Ganesh GT-1628 CNC Lathe
  3. One “AMADA” Vipros 357 58 station, CNC Punch Press
  4. One “AMADA” Pega 58 station, CNC Punch Press
  5. One “STRIPPIT” single station, Quick Change Punch Press
  6. One “BENCHMASTER” single station, Bench Press
  7. One “AMADA” 10’ x 10 gauge, Power Shear with N.C. back gauge
  8. One “ROPER-WHITNEY” single station, Punch Press
  9. One “AMADA” Notcher
  10. One “ETTCO” 21 Spindle Lead Screw Tapping Machine
  11. One “PULLMAX” Ironworker
  12. One “ROCKWELL” Drill Press
  13. One “CONTINENTAL” Cut-Off Saw
  14. One “GROB” Band Saw
  15. One “CUSTOM MACHINED” EIA Die Set, .156 Dia. Holes
  16. One “WHITNEY-JENSEN” 3’ x 14’ gauge Power Shear
  17. One “STRIPPIT” Punch & Die Sharpener/Grinder
  18. One “TIME SAVER” Belt Sanding Machine


  1. One “CINCINATTI” 12 foot, 230 ton, N/C Controlled Hydraulic Press Brake (1996) with Automatic Back Gauge
  2. One “CINCINATTI” 10 foot, 90 ton, N/C Controlled Hydraulic Brake (1995) with Automatic Back Gauge
  3. One “NIAGARA” 6 foot, 40 ton, Press Brake with N/C Gauge
  4. One “CINCINNATI” 10 foot, 135 ton, Press Brake
  5. One “WYSONG” 5 foot Roller
  6. One “PERFECTO” Straightener
  7. One “PEM ENGINEERING” Pem Inserter Press


  1. One “FEDERAL” 50 KVA, Spotwelder
  2. Two “TAYLOR-WINFELD” 50 KVA, Spotwelders
  3. One “TAYLOR-WINFELD” 75 KVA, Spotwelder
  4. One “FALSTROM” 25 KVA, Overhead Portable Spotwelder
  5. One “LINCOLN” 300 amp, Arc Welder (TIG)
  6. One “MILLER” 250 amp, Arc Welder (MIG)
  7. One “LINCOLN” 300 amp, Arc Welder


  1. One “BRIDGEPORT” Vertical Mills
  2. One “LOGAN” Lathe
  3. One VMC-4020 CNC Machining Center
  4. One CNC 1628 CNC Lathe


  1. One “TIMESAVER” 25 inch Deburring Machine
  2. One Water based Steam Cleaning, Phosphating System
  3. One “MAX-O” Surface Grinder
  4. One waste water evaporator


  1. Three “DEVILBISS” (16’½” wide x 10’ high x 15’ deep) Spray Booths
  2. One “BINKS” (8’ wide x 7’ high x 6’ deep) Spray Booth
  3. One “BEATTIE” (17’ wide x 10’ high x 15’ deep) Gas Fired Oven, 1,000,000 BTU/HR
  4. One “EMC” Liquid Waste Recycling Machine
  5. Three “GRACO” Electrostatic Guns
  6. Four “BINKS” Spray Guns
  7. Three “GRACO” Spray Guns
  8. One S.A.M.E. Powder Coating Equipment


  1. One “ATLAS-CAPCO” 50 hp, Rotary Air Compressor
  2. One “TCM” 5 ton, Forklift
  3. One “Q-VAC” Conveyor Shrink Wrap Machine
  4. One “WELD-LOC” Strapping Machine
  5. Two “BISHAMON” 5½ ton, Hand Pallet Truck


  1. One “MOJAVE” 36” x 48” Black Granite Surface Place
  2. One “KANON” 24” Height Gauge
  3. One set “H.D.C.” (38 piece set) Gauge Block
  4. One “ETALON-ROCH” 200mm Vernier Calipers
  5. One “MITUTOYO” 6” Dial Calipers
  6. One “ETALON-ROCH” 25mm Micrometer
  7. Two “C.S.E.” 35” Vernier Calipers

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