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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What size is usable in your cabinet? What is usable space?

Answer: A 40U Rack has 70” of usable height.

Question: How much space is in 1U (Rack Unit)

Answer: 1U is 1.75”, (EIA standard RS-310. 40U = 70”, 45U = 78.75”, etc.

Question: How much weight will a Pantera carry?

Answer: Standard Pantera frame is designed to carry up to 2,000 lbs of static weight.

Question: How much weight will a standard shelf hold?

Answer: Our standard shelves are designed to hold 100 lbs, we also have a heavy duty version designed to hold 200 lbs.

Question: How do I determine how much cooling I need? What type of cooling?

Answer: The cooling requirments are dependent on the amount of internal heat load to be dissipated. Let our sales engineer help you decide on the following:

1. Venting (mesh or louvered ventilation) 

2. Fans from 25 cfm fans to 800 cfm and greater. 

3. Blowers and air conditioners.

Contact your Premier Sales Engineer (1-800-767-9378) for information.

Question: What is the difference between standard duty and heavy duty casters?

Answer: Standard duty is 270 lbs each, heavy duty is 800 lbs each.

Question: What size is the tapped holes on the mounting angles?

Answer: 10-32 tapped are standard, 12-24 and M6 are also available upon request.

Question: What is the lead time on our standard cabinets?

Answer: Standard lead time is 2-3 weeks at receipt of order (ARO)

Question: How can I get touch-up paint if my cabinet is scratched?

Answer: Contact Customer service (1-800-767-9378) at Premier with your request.

Question: What do I do if my cabinet gets damaged during shipping?


1. Keep your packaging when cabinet arrives, do not throw it away. 

2. Contact Premier Customer Service (on our “Total Protection Plan” 1-800-767-9378)

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