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Nema Enclosure

Environmentally Safe Nema Enclosure

Cabinets aren't just for indoor uses as our NEMA enclosure can attest. For businesses that have dual indoor and outdoor purposes, our “PUMA” series offers a line of enclosures that are environmentally sealed and protected from outdoor weather and events. There are 12 styles of the NEMA enclosure that can be used for indoor areas, where those areas may accumulate excess dust or water damage from leaks or other water issues. Another reason to use the NEMA enclosure for indoor purposes is in the event the sprinkler system goes off, everything enclosed will be safe from water damage.

Along with the indoor style, the NEMA 3 and 4 enclosures are built to tackle more of the outdoor weather protecting against natural events like rain, snow, dust, heat and wind. In addition to these cabinets, we offer cooling racks and devices to compliment the NEMA Enclosures like fans, blowers and airconditioners. These accessories come in a variety of different sizes and capabilities depending on your intentions with the products.

We also include seismic protected units in the case of Earthquake prone areas in the Bellcore Zone 3 - 4 and UBC style applications. Any custom designed PUMA series cabinet will also include the seismic protection capabilities. Included in the NEMA enclosure are doors, panels, mounting angles, and removable back panels for equipment mounting.

Premier Enclosure Systems has been in business for over 50 years and stand by our products. From racks to panels to enclosures to consoles, we provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction of all of our custom and standard built products. If you aren't quite sure if you will need an environmental enclosure like the Nema enclosure, contact us online with our quick online form. One of our specialty customer service representatives will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and offer you our professional recommendation of what might be your best business furnishing solution.

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