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Power Management


Service providers count on our products for remote power management. Reduced “truck rolls” means reduced operational costs. Our complete line of -48VDC power management products minimizes the impact of locked-up routers, servers and other network devices.

Rack Mount Outlet Strip

Completely wired with circuit breaker. Ready for use. Rated at 15 Amperes, 120 volts. Supplied with 15 foot power cord 14/3 SJT, molded plug. All components UL listed or recognized. Mechanically and electrically grounded. Black finish.

Heavy Duty Outlet Strips-For Internal Rack Mounting

Completely wired with circuit breaker-ready for use. Supplied with 6 foot Neoprene cord set with molded plug. Rated at 15 Amperes. 120 Volts continuous duty. "U" ground outlets soldered connections. Mounting centers 5 inches. 1 1/2 inches wide. 1 1/8 inches deep. Supplied with spring clips for internal mounting. OB-112- mounts horizontally onto frame cross brace providing access without interference to sliding chassis or shelf units not directly in line with the 1 3/4 inch wide outlet strip. Also, can mount to panel mounting angles or base.

Overall Length (inches) Outlets
12 1/2 6
42 8
52 10
62 12

Economy Surge Suppressor

Unit offers surge voltage protection of 6000 V, clamping surge voltage of 325 V and a clamping response time of 10 nanoseconds. Maximum surge dissipation is 70 joules repeated usage, seld restoring. The unit features an on/off pilot light/master switch, beige enamel housing, and snap-on mounting clips. UL listed.

Length (inches)Width (inches)Height (inches)OutletsCord Length (inches)
12 3/4 1 3/4 1 5/8 6 6

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