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Server Rack

Upgrade to a Server Rack

Every business uses internet services but not every business has a server rack that will hide the eyesore or at the very least, protect their investment. Natural disasters can occur or even manmade disasters of tripping over wires and causing the entire infrastructure to get kicked off line. What a business nightmare. Prevent all these potential disasters with a server rack. The Pantera Broadcast and Broadband Series is our best enclosure system for servers.

The Pantera series of server racks was specifically designed to house broadcast and broadband industries. This is an inexpensive rack with a sleek design (about 22 inches overall) that can be used for electronic server applications in addition to a variety of military and instrumentation usages. Not only is this rack multifunctional but it also has a range of accessories for cooling and cable management that are useful for when it comes to broadband business. Some of the sizes include 25U and 48U heights and 31 inch and 39 inch depths.

As an additional service to our clients, we provide an online catalog that can be downloaded directly from our website: http://www.premierenclosuresystems.com. In the catalog, you will be able to see the standard and custom colors that this popular server rack comes in.

At Premiere Enclosure Systems, we have a wide range of server racks and accessories available in both custom and standard forms. We've provided excellent, A grade service to all of our clients, generally shipping out standard orders 2-3 weeks after confirmation of purchase. As an extra perk to doing business with us, you will have access to round the clock customer care service to assist you in any questions you may have about your products after they arrive.

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